Tuesday 11 December 2012

Electric Diner, Notting Hill

bacon double cheeseburger
The Electric Diner is a brand new American style diner that's just opened in Notting Hill. The decor is absolutely spot on, thanks to the SohoHouse owners. The burger is ace too, thanks to an award winning chef from the windy city (Chicago, not Portsmouth). There's a bar on the right hand side complete with high stools and a decent beer, wine & cocktail selection. There's a long open kitchen, there's red leather booths to sit in. The walls are rough brick, the ceiling curved. This is how to do a 'diner'. A DJ in the far corner is playing classic hiphop tunes at a gentle volume. The place is buzzing, there's a great atmosphere, I'm in love with the place before I've even sat down. 

There are two very simple burger options on the menu, a single and a double cheeseburger for £10/£13 respectively. When ordering you are told you can add bacon. Now I'm not a huge bacon on a burger fan, but this is one special bacon burger and here's why - they take a side of pork, confit it, spice it, then slow cook further covered in maple syrup. It comes in thick meaty chunks with crispy fatty edges. IT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. I can't remember eating better bacon on a burger. Just look at that first picture for God's sakes!
double cheeseburger
The patty count at the Electric appears to either be broken or overly generous. The single cheeseburger contains two patties, the double contains three. The patties are thin, pink, flavourful, juicy and have delicious caramelised edges. They are glued together with layers of gooey melted Monterey Jack which oozes right out onto the plate. Its topped with sliced gherkin halves and finely diced red onion in a tangy mustard mayo. The whole thing is held together nicely with the London default, a good looking soft brioche bun. It's a great burger, but at £17 for a double with fries, its on the expensive side. 
patty. cheese. patty. cheese. patty
Oh boy, the sides are pretty good too, we shared fries, sweet pickles and roasted broccoli. The French fries were light, crisp and came with a tasty garlic mayo dip. The sweet pickles were sweet and crunchy, the broccoli was nicely cooked, but a little over-salted. 
Great new place this one, plus you can catch a movie upstairs after you've eaten. Good times!

191 Portobello Road, W11 2ED
0207 908 9696
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