Monday 16 January 2012

Lucky Chip - Hackney's Finest

Its cold. Its december. My burger-loving compadre for the evening, Al, isnt sure about the idea of eating outside. I try my best to convince him its a great idea, and its on the way to the Trailer Park Boys Live show we're going to see at the o2, which makes it convenient. We arrive at 5.45 to an old carpark with a few stalls shutting up shop & a bunch of people sitting at tables around Lucky Chip, who are busy doing 'stuff' in their burger hut. I imagine Del boy trotter had a stall here once. No one is eating. Everyone is waiting. I walk upto the counter and start to order but i'm cut off - "We don't open till 6 mate". Ok so there it is. We're waiting in the cold with nowhere to take a piss. There's a pub nearby apparently, but we decide to wait. I grin at Al who is starting to get annoyed. Mr Lucky Chip lights a fire drum next to us which completely smokes out our table. We cough and move seats. 

As soon as the order book is open we jump up and chuck in the first order, shamelessly queue jumping in front of at least ten people who didnt appear to notice, sorry about that anyway. Our order is in and shortly after it arrives. Cardboard plates of cheeseburgers and fries appear with bottles of american beer. 
First impression is a good one. These burgers look amazing. The lightly toasted white bun working hard to hold together a loosely hand formed patty, covered in melted american cheese and sitting atop chunky pickle slices and shredded lettuce. Heinz and Frank's is provided, so we get stuck in. 
The beef is superb, a combo of rib, neck and chuck cuts. The patty came cooked perfectly med-rare and juicy as anything. But the seasoning, oh boy the seasoning was ridiculous. We're talking "Still tasting salt four hours later after a few beers" salty. The elements of the burger worked perfectly together - the gooey sticky cheese, bread, meat and crunchy veg combining to create a toe-tapping 'party in the mouth' burger experience. It was just too salty, and i like to think i'm no salt wuss. The skin-on fries were a little greasy and smooshed together in the cardboard tub.
I'll definitely go back, perhaps the chef tripped whilst seasoning my patty. Or perhaps a large tub of salt fell off a shelf onto the grill - who knows. The burger here is very good, and there's a nice vibe amongst the burger fans sitting at the miss-matched tables and chairs laid out in front of house. I bet this place rocks on a summer evening. 

Netil Market, Westgate St, London Fields E8 3RL

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