Thursday, 21 August 2014

Burger Shack, Marylebone

An exciting new venture combining the talents of Burgerac and Nathan Mills of The ButcheryBurgerShack is a brand spanking new little joint in Marylebone.

They offer a cheeseburger (£7.50), a "Burgershack" cheeseburger (£9.50), a buttermilk chicken burger (9.50) and a shroom Meltdown (£7). I went for the "Burgershack" which is a 6oz patty of gress-fed, well aged, native breed cow, topped with melted cheddar, 2 x pancetta strips and chipotle burger sauce. Under the patty they slip in strips of iceberg lettuce and more sauce. Burger and sides arrived on an Americana style plastic red tray covered by burger-graphic greaseproof paper. Nice touch. 
The patty-of-dreams as they call it really is the centerpiece of this burger, as it should be. Its a wonderful course ground grill-smashed number with charry edges and a juicy pink middle. Med-rare is the default. Perfectly seasoned, its a *really* tasty patty. Reminded me of the early days of the meatwagon/liquor thick patty. Ie. rough edged with masses of creamy beef flavour. The pancetta had the right consistency of crunchy not chewy, and didn't overload everything with salty porkyness, thank fuck. The lettuce and brioche bun were fresh as you'd expect, and the gently spiced chipotle burger sauce added that nostalgic element to the top. Top job lads, i'll be back shortly for the cheeseburger. 
Sides are a lot of fun too. The Amazeballs (2 for £4) are balls of juicy deep fried pulled pork - whats not to like? I happily dunked them in the hot sauce which i'm almost certain had the Rib man's Holy Fuck in it, but diluted (thankfully) somewhat into a more pleasant dipping treat. They also have very decent BBQ sauce which was in the vague flavour-space of that classic McD's BBQ sauce but with better pulpy texture, fresher flavour and a spicy little finish. 
The Deep fried pickles (£3) were great too, a light tempura batter housing warm softened pickle strips, and the accompanying blue cheese sauce suited them perfectly.
Friendly and attentive staff, nice recently-refurbed-open-plan-dark-wood-pub venue. Great spot this, can't see it being anything other than successful.  

If the fries were thrown in for a tenner and the burger assembly was a tiny bit neater it would be a 10/10 in my book.

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The Royal Oak, 74-76 York St. Marylebone
Booking by phone - 020 7262 1513
​Mon-Fri: 12-3 & 6-9
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