Wednesday 11 March 2015

Shake Shack bring the ShackMeister to the UK

Shake Shack have a new offering on the menu, the "ShackMeister" (£6.25 single, £9.50 dbl) Apologies for the crappy photo's. It was launched in the US last year and as it has done so well, they decided to bring it over the pond to Laaaandon town for us Brits to enjoy too. How kind. 

Thursday 5 March 2015

Five Guys, Soho

Twenty one stores open in the UK in 18 months. With another 5 opening soon. This is an invasion, a takeover the like of which the British burger scene has (probably) never seen before. Initially put off by @yesiamben's experience, I thought it time i try it out to see what its all about.