Wednesday 16 November 2011

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Just off the southern end of Carnaby Street, its easy to miss BBR with its smoked glass windows and net curtains. Walking in you are greeted by smiley staff and art nouveau décor; marble, brass & purple fabric. The staff serve in old fashioned uniforms, girls in blue and boys in pink. The layout is diner-esque, booths resemble old fashioned train carriages, complete with privacy curtains and a champagne ordering button. Its fun. 

The BBR Scotch Beef Cheeseburger comes with a choice of either Danegeld cheddar or a kraft slice. I went medium rare with cheddar and a side of fries, which were crunchy and tasty. The burger arrived 'open' which never looks as good as an assembled one, but has the benefit of allowing the eater a quick inspection and the chance to make topping changes before eating. 
First thoughts: Good size, good bun to patty ratio, great cheese consistency, crunchy fresh veg toppings. After the first bite, i could see juices bubbling out from the centre of the patty. Awesome. The lightly char-grilled lower bun eventually struggled with the juiciness of this patty, but it held things together just long enough. 
The burger arrived condiment-less but with a small tub of ketchup on the side, i dont think the bun was buttered either but the patty was so wonderfully juicy that the whole thing worked perfectly without ketchup, mustard or relish, as no mouthful was in any way dry. The char-grilled patty was nicely seasoned and wonderfully beefy tasting, a course ground mix that offered great texture. The waiter told me it was made from Angus prime fillet. 
The BBR cheeseburger is assembled as follows: Char-grilled soft brioche bun, patty, cheddar, super thin slice of raw red onion, 2 slices of pickle, fairly thick slice of beef tomato, two leaves of cos lettuce, sesame seeded top bun. 
This burger fairly closely resembles my current fave made by the Ad Cod. Sure its a personal thing, but i think these guys both have the size/shape/weight burger formula down perfectly, and it was great to find yet another superb London burger. It is a bit on the pricey side: BBR Cheeseburger £15, Fries £3.75, 33cl bottle of beer £6.50. But the venue & service are pretty special which made it well worth the price. 
Highly recommended. Get involved.
Bob Bob Ricard, Upper james Street, W1F 9DF

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