Wednesday 12 August 2015

Bad Egg, Moorgate

A newish venture from Neil Rankin who rose to fame Head Chef at Pitt Cue Co. Eggs are the feature here, pretty much everything involves eggs in some way. Apart from my favourite item that is - the Korean pulled pork burger which came with no eggs, and ya know why? Because eggs have no place on a burger, that's why god damnnit. 
The venue is a very appealing dimly lit American style diner, neon and all. Staff are cheerful, its a pleasant place to spend an evening. 
@yesiamben and i ordered a Bad Egg burger (£11, top & above pic), a Korean pulled pork burger (£11, 2nd & below pic), a Peking fried pork belly rib (£8.5) and some Njuda cheese & Fried egg Fries (£5). 'Njuda cheese is a very clever invention. Njuda *as you well know* is that spreadable spicy Italian pork sausage, and when fondue'd up with a blend of Raclette and Red Leicester cheeses, it makes for a mega-tangy burger topping.
The Korean spiced pulled pork was light and juicy and was glued in place with the sticky njuda cheese. They throw in some gochujang to warm it all up and add even more Korean flavour. I could swear there was some Sriratcha in there too for good measure. This is a really unusual burger which is packed full of flavours.
The Bad Egg burger on the other hand is less engaging, its got the same decent rare breed sourced beef patty and delicious njuda cheese, and they chuck in pickles, onions and a silly old egg to complicate the eating process.
Is a boring old fried egg really needed on the french fries? Seems a bit greasy spoon to me.  
Decent burgers in a good venue.

Ground floor of City Point EC2
020 3006 6222 or

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