Friday 24 May 2013

Elliot's lunchtime-only cheeseburger, Borough Market

It was Daniel Young who first brought Elliot's Cafe to my attention when out of nowhere they jumped straight into his top three London burgers a little while back. Its taken me a year or so to try one due to their ball punchingly annoying unusual policy of only serving their burger at lunchtimes from Monday to Friday. 
Luckily i got to try their burger entry for London Burger Bash and it was seriously impressive. Understanding our plight, Elliot's very kindly hooked us up with a Saturday lunchtime burger under the proviso that we keep it absolutely top secret. So please don't tell anybody, or nag them to sell you burgers at the weekend. Actually no, perhaps you should nag them to sell burgers at the weekend, tell them its for the good of humanity or something.
The venue is modern and stylish and in keeping with its trendy Borough market location. There's a friedly barista at the front of house whipping up all kinds of delicious espressos. It's busy, we take the last three seats at the bar, perfectly located next to the beer pumps as its @talktotippers birthday.
Starting off with their recommendation of a pleasant locally brewed hoppy ale, our burgers arrived the default medium rare shortly after. I'm not exaggerating when I say they looked perfect; Handsome unfussy looking cheeseburgers in a freshly home-baked seeded bun. These £12.50 beauties come accompanied by chunky chips, pickle slices, ketchup and mayo.
The butteryness, THE BUTTERYNESS!
What makes this burger extraordinary is the addition of dill butter. This buttery green magic is absorbed well into the bun and taking a bite delivers exquisite flavours of buttery beef, beer braised onions, salty Comté cheese, with an underlying hint of dill. It's burger craft at its finest and before I'd even finished it I knew, without fear of contradiction, that it was going to be in my top 5 burgers in London.
The beef patty is fairly tall, perfectly medium rare, juicy, super flavourful with a nice lightly formed consistency. Elliots have stopped using the Ginger Pig as their meat supplier for their burgers as it was decided their quality just wasn't the best available to them anymore. They now use an ex-GingerPig chap called Nathan who runs The Butchery Ltd, a 'Nose to tail' traditional butchers which does sound great (Elliots staff rave about the guy). 
The Comté is perfectly melted and encases the soft onions onto the top of the patty. 
Elliot's is an absolute gem of a place, and their burger is nigh on perfection. @talktotippers exclaimed "That was the best burger i've ever eaten" and @yesiamben and I struggled to think of its competition. Every ingredient tastes great and is added in exactly the right quantity. You really should try it.
I'm going back at lunchtime on my birthday, which fortunately is a Friday this year. 
12 Stoney St, SE1 9ADTel: 020 7403 7436

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  1. Great review! I stand by the fact that it's the best burger I've had, held it's shape and taste right till the last bite. Looking forward to trying some more with you chaps!

    Cheers for the ace birthday... day.


    1. Yep it was a special one for sure. It was a good day of adventures!

  2. I feel very sad that I was there today and didn't have the burger. Damn it!

    1. Next time Christine, there's always a next time.

  3. I came today to try it, but they were sold out at 13:30. What a shame as i came all the way from essex. Went to shake shack in covent garden instead.


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