Wednesday 11 March 2015

Shake Shack bring the ShackMeister to the UK

Shake Shack have a new offering on the menu, the "ShackMeister" (£6.25 single, £9.50 dbl) Apologies for the crappy photo's. It was launched in the US last year and as it has done so well, they decided to bring it over the pond to Laaaandon town for us Brits to enjoy too. How kind. 
Its a Shack Cheeseburger with ShackSauce and the pleasant addition of deep fried shallots, marinated for a decadent amount of time in the Shack's own ShackMeister ale before finally hitting the fryer. It works well and is a nice twist on the classic cheeseburger. You can really taste the aley goodness in the crispy shallots, and they add a welcome crunch at the top of the burger. 
Served in the infamous Martin's Potato Roll, which the Shack still import on a regular basis form the US to the UK. There's some whisperings of the Shack making buns locally. It would seem sensible, but duplicating the existing bun perfectly? Thats not going to be simple. 
Good effort SS, a great new menu item. 

Tel: 0203 598 1360

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