Tuesday 5 June 2012

FIRE! Its the Byron Chilli Queen

What happens when the UK's best burger chain hooks up with the UK's most interesting burger designer for a one month only Jubilee burger special? You get a monstrously spicy cheeseburger which is gunning for royal approval. I've heard* HRH has been ordering these bad boys by the pallet load and dishing them out to the royal fam with ice cold bottles of Meantime Ale.
* i might have made that up 
So whats under the squishy covers of Tom & Fred's Chilli Queen special? Its a classic Byron patty, sitting atop a pile of chipotle mayo smothered shredded iceberg and on top of the patty is a melty slice of american cheese with a LOT of thickly sliced green chilli's sunken into it. Its seriously fiery, without doubt the spiciest burger i can remember eating. Every bite is a wonderful combination of smooth smoky chipotle flavour, beefy juiciness and then the smack of chilli - these intense yet balanced flavours make it impossible to stop eating it even if your brain starts to panic about the scoville heat level in your mouth. 
Just look at the thing, you can tell it means business. There must be at least one whole green chilli in each one. Fantastic. IMPORTANT - this burning delight is only available for the rest of today - thats right, you only have a matter of hours to try one, so stop what you are doing and head to your nearest Byron to grab one of these before it disappears to the annals of burger history.
Chilli Queen – 6oz Hamburger, Green Chilli, American Cheese, Shredded Iceberg, Chipotle Mayo, Glazed Bun, £8.75
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