Friday 3 May 2013

Naughty Nuri's, Ubud, Bali.

Naughty Nuri's is something of a local legend here in Ubud, a small town in central Bali that claims its the cultural capital.  The venue is a roadside diner type wooden shack with around 4 largish tables inside and 3 out front. People are seated Wagamama-style at these shared tables enjoying the smell of cooking bbq sauce wafting through the air all the while. At Nuri's they stray from the traditional Balinese menu and offer up super tasty BBQ and burgers as well as some excellent cocktails. Celeb chef Anthony Bourdain claims the martini's at this little Balinese shack are the best outside of New York City.

Yes thats my patty she's poking on the far right of the grill. A monster of a patty made from locally sourced grass fed beef. It must be at least 12oz. I was asked how i'd like it and the recommendation was medium which i went for. It was great to see (and smell) my burger being cooked and assembled about 4 meters away on a bbq at the front of house. 
Shunning the famed cocktails was a shame, but it was 12 lunchtime and i just needed a softie in this heat. Sosro Tehbotol sweetened jasmine tea drink is exceptional, easily the best cold tea drink i've tasted. American soda manufacturers should take note. Shame its not available in the UK.
So the burger. For the equivolent of £4 you get this cheeky little number cooked right in front of your eyes. The bun is lightly toasted and fresh baked, the patty is probably too big, but the meat is corsely ground and very beefy tasting, perhaps fractionally underseasoned but still very decent. It sits on tomato and lettuce and is topped with a melted kraft slice, nice soft sauteed onions and a super crispy slice of salty back bacon which makes up for the underseasoned patty nicely. French's and ketchup sauces are already on the table and are pointed at by the waitress at the point of serving. I added both. The results are a delicious classic american cheeseburger. 
While not the most incredible burger i've eaten in my life, to find something of this quality in the middle of nowhere on a little Indonesian island is really quite something. I'm very pleased i stumbled into this place and enjoyed their cheeseburger. Definitely worth a try if you crave a change from the delicious traditional stuff on your travels. My tip would be to go in the evening for food and to get absolutely shitfaced enjoy the cocktails. This place does look like it gets pretty naughty when the sun goes down. 


Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Indonesia
Phone:+62 361 977547

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