Monday 24 June 2013

Bill's, Westfield, White City

Bill's first restaurant opened in Lewes just outside Brighton. The second one opened inside Brighton and was the first experience i had of Bill's, for an excellent breakfast some years ago. All of a sudden Bill's seems to be taking over London in a Byron-esque fashion, which hopefully is a good thing. 

Meeting good friends for a bite to eat after an extremely long week at work is one of those occasions when i often just want a simple cheeseburger and an ice cold beer.
Bill's £9.95 hamburger comes on a wooden board in a sesame seeded brioche bun with slices of red onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickle and is topped off with horseradish mayo. An unfussy classic recipe i'm sure you'll agree. A little pot of very decent, crunchy McDs-ey fries accompany. I'm not certain if the kitchen knife was essential, but it certainly helped make my cut-through photo simpler to achieve.  
I went for the optional slice of Monterey Jack cheese for £1.20 and there's the chance to add streaky bacon or tomato salsa for similar cash if that's your thing.

The assembly is a little higgledy-piggledy, but it works well, the top half has that nice fresh veg crunchiness and the lower half offers a surprisingly delicious beef patty. I really wasn't expecting it to be as flavourful as it was, the patty has an intense chargrilled flavour on the outside, yet a super juicy, quality beef tasting centre. Cooked perfectly medium-rare, this burger - as Gregg Wallace would say is fucking well pucka geeza absolutely delightful.
Lookout Byron, you finally have some burger competition in Westfield, and its sold at Bill's.

The deserts are worth a mention too. Does this lemon meringue pie remind you of anything?

Southern Terrace, Westfield Shopping Centre
White City, W12 7GB
020 8749 5537
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