Tuesday 6 December 2011

Be Frika, Buenos Aires

Something a bit different here, i was in Buenos Aires recently to see the sights, eat as much 'bife de chorizo/ancho' and drink as much Malbec as i possibly could. Whilst looking for lunch one day I was fortunate to stumble across this place. Be Frika is a cute little burger spot in a nice part of town. They sell 'Tini-Minis' which are small sliders with a choice of interesting toppings. The venue is very much an independent fast food joint with orange livery, plastic seats, free wifi, papers, magazines, chilled music, and a big list of cocktails. Its a peaceful environment to relax and eat in. 

The menu has a good ten choices of burgers, all of which were quite different. I went for a Moulin Rouge - which was topped with Brie, tomato confit and mustard, and a Frankie & johnny which came with Pancetta, bbq salsa & cheddar on the patty and tomato and lettuce underneath. Both were good, the tasty Argentine beef patty's are small at maybe 4oz, and come well seasoned and a bit well cooked which sadly resulted in a bit of dryness. I'd have loved mine a bit pink inside, but i wasn't asked and my Spanish is awful. The soft white buns were great, and held everything in place well. The crunchy lattice cut fries were a perfect accompaniment.
Best part was the price: Two burgers, fries and a cold bottle of beer only came to £5. You can't argue with that!
Be Frika, 1126 Junin Esquina French, Recoletta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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