Tuesday 10 January 2012

Edinboro Castle, Camden Town

I recently attended a friends birthday party at this quaint Camden boozer. The menu looked good and i had my eye on the pork belly, but was told that they had just run out of it. With a waitress and table full of people waiting for my decision, my emergency backup response kicked in "I'll have the cheeseburger please" and i'm so glad i did. 

The Edinboro Castle surprised the hell out of me by serving up such a good cheeseburger. The meat patty came cooked medium and was juicy and full flavoured. I was so impressed i had to find the chef and ask him how he made it. Apparently they mince chuck steak, around 20% lean, and mix into it their own special mix of very finely chopped onions, Worester sauce and mustard which has been sweated down in butter. Its a subtle flavour addition which is in no way overpowering, it just adds a creamy richness to the beef taste. The burger starts at the bottom with a lightly toasted white bun, then there's a slice of iceberg lettuce, a thick slice of beef tomato, the patty, crispy smoked bacon rashers, melted cheddar and the top bun. 
The french fries are crisp and hot, the crunchy pickles are good and there's a little tub of homemade coleslaw to finish the plate. Brilliant. A bargain for under a tenner.
Being in a large bustling pub i was prepared for a fairly average meal, but was delighted with the food. The staff were friendly too. There's a huge outdoor area which is fun in the summer although it does get extremely busy, and if i recall correctly they have little BBQs out there for a quicker bite. There's also a good selection of ales on tap, especially the local Camden Town Brewery who make some good stuff. Well worth a visit. 
Handmade West Country beef burger, cheddar & smoked bacon, served with fries £9.50
The Edinboro Castle in Camden, 57 Mornington Terrace, London, NW1 7RU
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