Friday 20 September 2013

The Troll's Pantry, Brighton

[@yesiamben] I've been to Troll's Pantry twice this year. Once again I lazily ate and didn't bother to write it up. Sorry CBB(!). Anyway, after going for a second time a few weeks back I thought I should actually sit down and make some notes et voila.
Troll's Pantry started life in Brighton in early 2012. Earlier this year they moved into the Hobgoblin pub, at 31 York Place - about 10 or so minutes walk from Brighton seafront. Pretty much everyone I've ever met that lives in Brighton had told me I needed to come and try a Troll's Pantry burger. So I did.
Served from a tent in the pub garden, Troll's Pantry serves a variety of different burgers all featuring their marvelous patty, with it's 30% fat and 35 day aged cuts of chuck & ribeye. There's only a few burgers on the menu - but I think they do specials regularly. It's worth checking their Twitter to see what's going to be on (and also because last time we went Twitter gave us a magic word to 'double-up' for free - although there were 10 of us, so I apologise to a) Troll's Pantry, and b) to everyone behind us in the queue).
For my first visit I had the £7.50 Trollkano burger - a single patty featuring chilli bacon jam, chipotle mayo, lettuce, St. Gile's cheese, chilli rum BBQ sauce and spicy cocoa tomato salsa. An awful lot to have in a bun, but really rather good. For the second visit I had the £8.50 double patty Smoky Moutain burger - with bourbon bacon jam, smoked cheese, rum BBQ sauce, caramelised onion, garlic mayo and salad. Also a lovely burger - and one given a resounding thumbs up from the other 9 guys I'd dragged along.
Both of these burgers were great. They were sticky and messy, dripping over the table and running down my fingers. The toppings are rich, and as such one of these badboys should suffice even for those with larger appetites. So when you next find yourself down on the coast, make sure you stop by and give them a go.

16 Circus St, Brighton BN2 9QF

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