Friday 16 September 2011

Grubbs Burgers, Brighton

I rode down to Brighton last Sunday afternoon to look at thousands of motorbikes parked along the front and also to sample what a quick bit of googling told me was the best burger in town. Grubbs Burgers name kept popping up on review sites for Brighton with 5 star reviews, lots of love from students and the local community, and recommendations for the Malaysian burger with its peanut butter topping. 

I found Grubbs nestled in a quaint parade of coffee shops and bars on St. James's Street. Walking in you are met with a huge menu board on the wall and far too many choices of burger for my liking. I went with the Malaysian burger as i'm a fan of a peanut butter topping (The best example of a PB burger is the Steak Louisiana burger at Hache in Camden, its ace). A single patty burger, fries and a coke came to £5.50. Quite a surprise and instantly made me think that this place was either super bargainous or i was going to recieve a pretty average burger. I asked what size the burgers were and the chef held up a stack of presumably wholesale-bought patties in a gloved hand. Not sure if they had just come out of the freezer or not but its a pretty likely assumption. I took a seat and waited in the little three table seating area annex. The chef brought my order over about 10 mins later. Grubbs have a cool looking smiling burger logo, and everything in there is branded up, just like a good burger chain should be!
The Malaysian burger came with an averagely fresh but bog standard burger bun, and a thin patty that reminded me of roadside burger van burgers. Fortunately this well cooked patty had a meaty consistency and plenty of seasoning on the grill helped make it fairly tasty. It came topped with shredded lettuce, crunchy peanut butter and a chili sauce. It worked pretty well and i demolished it in about 30 seconds i was so hungry. The fries were ok, similar in look to, but less crunchy than McDs fries. All in all a decent burger when considering it only cost £2.95. This place stays open till 1am at the weekend and i can see them doing a roaring trade with the post bar/club crew on their way home, in need of something to absorb the alcohol. Its good to see independent burger spots doing well, i believe there are 2 or 3 Grubbs venue's in Brighton. Next time i'm in need of a burger  in Brighton i'll continue the search though, as i'm pretty sure this town can do better than this. But i'd happily come back if it was after midnight, i was half cut and needed something to eat.

Burgers from £3-6 depending on single, double or triple patty, many varieties to choose from.
89 St James's Street, Brighton BN2 1TP


  1. You sniffy prick. Grubbs are wonderful

  2. Last time I went to St.James' street (years ago) I was disappointed in the standard, maybe things have changed since then but generally I stick to York Place and it's a Malaysian everytime. A thing of beauty. On a side note, The Basketmakers Arms used to do a delicious homemade burger, might be worth checking out.

    1. Thanks Dan, i'll investigate the Basketmasters, although the next Brighton spot on my list is The New Club.

  3. Burger brothers. Check em out next time. Trolls pantry standard. If not better.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Mark, i'll check em out.
    I hit the New Club this week and really liked their burgers. Review coming soon on that one.

  5. Next time you are in Brighton, give Burger Off a try! I was disappointed with Grubbs, but Burger Off always hit the spot.

  6. You have to try woodies diner, probably the best burger in Brighton


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