Friday 2 March 2012

The Westbury, Kilburn

An Oasis on Kilburn High Road. The Westbury is a hip venue in a somewhat out of the way part of town. Chandeliers, high ceilings, a long bar, cosy lighting, pool table, alcoves and offshoot rooms make the place feel spacious and fun. The Westbury was mid-week quiet, a few tables having drinks, a couple playing pool, a few geezers chatting in the back room. Waitresses are cute and friendly. 

Their £7.50 Cheeseburger looks the part when its brought over on its own little wooden bench and it comes with a pot of pretty decent 'slaw. They assemble their cheeseburger with a toasted white bun, lettuce, a slice of tomato, a slice of red onion, the patty, cheese and then the top bun. The patty came cooked medium rare as standard and was nice and pink in the middle. The meat was tender and juicy, but not particularly flavourful. Unfortunately the patty was hugely over-peppered which while less of a sin that oversalting, its still unnecessary and took the balance of flavours way off kilter. The Cheddar cheese was good, not too overpowering and well melted into the patty. The patty could perhaps have been little bit bigger, as it didnt quite match the size of the bun and amount of other ingredients and so fell short of a perfect burger ratio (PBR - did i just coin that phrase?).
A pretty good burger all in all. I'd put it on a par with The Diner burgers, not bad for the price but not in the same league as the like of MeatLiquor & Honest Burgers who are knocking out astonishing quality burgers for a pound less. But then i guess if you are a pub that sells a burger as well as a bunch of other stuff its harder to compete with a burger focussed enterprise. Fries are an additional £2.50 and aint bad, cruncky but kind of hollow. 
I'd go back to the Westbury when next in that neck of the woods. They are a great venue and get some good dj's to play there too. The Westbury's a good spot, but i think they could improve their burger somewhat. Taking it easy on the pepper for starters...

The Westbury
34 Kilburn High Road, NW6 5UA 020 7625 7500
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