Friday 13 June 2014

Dip & Flip, Clapham

Dip & Flip is located on Battersea Rise, which is a fairly busy road in Clapham. The whole front of the restaurant is open to the elements on warmer days which made for a rather traffic-noisy meal if you are eating earlyish. The interior is modern, with bespoke gravy flavoured wall art (not from messy eaters!), and school desk/chair type seating arrangements, a bit like you'd find in an Honest burgers.
The burger patties were a proper Yankee-style smashed-on-the-grill affair with crispy uneven edges and a good course ground texture in the middle. Ordering the default medium rare was only just pink in the middle. The beef was pretty tasty, but perhaps a sniff under seasoned. A soft brioche bun encased the patty which sits on a base of crunchy mustard slaw heavy in white cabbage. 
The £7.50 chilli burger is my usual fave, and the overly generous amount of roughly chopped green chillis were only a brief worry, as they had a pleasant mellow flavour. A cheese slice is melted into the patty but had something of a rarebit texture, which was a little loose and creamy for my liking, and didn't pack as much taste as it could have. 
The £9.95 roast beef (or lamb) topped 'dip & flip burger' was the one to have. The gravy-dipped thinly sliced roast beef was soft, delicate and delicious. I've had a number burgers with roast beef slices in them over the years, and this is by far the best of them. The gravy adds that essential lubrication to what can otherwise be a hard to swallow layer. 
Poutine! D&F are another place that offers poutine! They melt a bunch of mozzarella pieces into a thin gravy in which the fries swim around. Its not the best poutine in town, goto Little Social for that, but it was still worth ordering over boring plain old french fries. 
The thing that makes dip and flip different though is that every burger or sandwich comes with a cardboard bowl of pretty amazing beef gravy, rich in beef and marrow flavours. Its upto you how much or little you dunk and great to see a burger joint doing something different that works. 
Chilli burger 7.5/10
Dip & Flip burger (with roast beef) 8.5/10 (No bookings)
87 Battersea Rise
SW11 1HW

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