Wednesday 30 July 2014

The Burgerac at Royale, Cape Town

"Burgers that make your soul tingle and your dreams come true." is the tagline at Royale, a trendy burger joint found on a street famed for its great selection of restaurants, close to the base of table mountain. I was taken here by some friends and was delighted to see that Burgerac has his name on a menu item. It made ordering very simple.

After some wait (they were rammed) my Burgerac burger and salad arrived and very attractive it was too. The 160g beef patty was delicious, cooked perfectly medium rare and came topped with a tasty layer of melted mature cheddar cheese. The patty sits on some crisp lettuce and above the cheese is a tangy chipotle sauce and an onion & gherkin salsa.
Saffers *know* how to produce, prepare and cook beef. They are very good at it and this is no exception. This burger wasn't the messiest, drippiest beef filled thing i've ever eaten (Fnarr fnar) but was far from dry. The overall combination of flavours and textures was excellent.  
The chipotle, gherkins and cheese created a tangy, salty crunch which complemented the meat beautifully. A very decent brioche bun sealed the deal. This burger is an example of how simplicity often triumphs over complexity. And thanks to favourable exchange rates, all this was mine for the princely sum of 78.00 Rand, which is about £4.40. Good job Burgerac.

273 Long Street, Cape Town

Tel. 021 422 4536

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