Thursday 1 November 2012

Cinnamon Soho

Being invited to try a new burger at a restaurant is a treat i rarely turn down (read: never). Cinnamon Soho is Vivek Singh's newest spot, and its nestled away in Kingly St. just behind Carnaby St. 
I didn't make it downstairs to the second dining room, but upstairs was buzzy and full. We arrived a little early and grabbed a very decent cocktail at the bar while we waited for a table. 
The 'bhangra' burgers are found on the large starters section of the menu. One order consists of three good looking small burgers - technically sliders - and for £6.75 you get a selection of three, each with a different sauce in front.
The patties are made from lamb as you'd imagine. We all know that beef is hard to beat in a burger, but if lamb is done particularly well it can be pretty decent. Fortunately these guys have got the formula. The patty is juicy, full of intense flavour and not too dense. The lamb is apparently double minced then mixed with chilli, tumeric, salt and pepper before its formed into patties. I'd wager that there's a little saffron and or cinnamon in there too as its quite a spicy little bastard. The patty is perhaps fractionally on the small side for the bun, but apart from that the elements of this little burger work very well together.
These sliders are semi glued to the board with a dab of mayo, which makes for the start of a finger-lickin' burger experience. The bun is good and soft, on top of the base is a slice of tomato then some roquet & crunchy grated carrot, on top of that is the lamb patty which is then topped with caramelised onion.  All you have to do next is choose a sauce - either a sweet tomato, coriander or chilli to spread inside, or dunk into. All were great, but the corri took it for me. 
These are surprisingly decent lamb sliders. I think if they served these as a full size burger it wouldn't work as well, but as sliders these guys have proven lamb can work an absolute treat. 

5 Kingly Street
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