Friday 4 October 2013

The New Club, Brighton

Brighton. A rainy day. The British summer is coming to an end. What better way to raise spirits that to enjoy a cheeseburger by the seaside. 
The New Club was recommended to me by a friend who's regularly in Brighton and after chatting to their enthusiastic head chef Tom i realised these guys were passionate about their burger design. 

Describing themselves as "LA Indie Coffee House meets New York Bar & Diner" sounds about right to me. The venue is a modern glass fronted affair with super high ceilings and an unspoiled view of the beach and sea beyond. I'm jealous of the locals before we've even ordered anything.
Almost everything on the menu is made in house. Burgerwise, they bake their own potato starch brioche and butter brioche buns twice a day, blend their own American cheese and knock up a delicious house sauce. They use 35 day aged Longhorn and Black Angus beef from a local small holdings farm and they mince their beef on site and make pattys in a 60/40 rump/chuck ratio with a little bone marrow thrown in for good measure. And their fat content of only 10% means you can happily eat two nine of their burgers without feeling guilty.
I go for the £8.5 cheeseburger which comes in a fresh brioche bun with thick pickle slices, melted American cheese slices, ketchup and mustard. Its very good. The coarse ground loosely formed patty came perfectly medium rare with seared edges and was surprisingly juicy considering the 'healthy' fat content. 
The main flavour is their quality beef which is well complemented by the buttery brioche, pickle and sauce flavours which have all been added in what i assume must be tried and tested ratios. Good work Tom, its a cracking burger. Probably the best in town. 
Fries are crunchy and soft in the middle as you'd expect, the seasonal salad was full of interesting ingredients and the red slaw was crunchy and freshly made. This place is a treat.
Now this is the tricky bit. Tom whipped me up his new top-secret burger fresh from the R&D lab downstairs. I'm sworn to secrecy about any part of it, which as a food writer blogger scribe penman barely literate burger note taker means i'm dying to tell you about it. All i can say is that i thought it was better than the Cheeseburger reviewed above. I really hope Tom finishes his new creation and de-classifies it sharpish, as i'm dying to show you the photos and give it a bit of a write up. 
Cheeseburger 8.5/10
Classified burger undisclosed menu item 9/10
The New Club, 133-134 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2HH 
Tel: 01273 730 320

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