Thursday 1 September 2011

The Filling Station, Edinburgh

The Filling Station is an "American style" bar and restaurant right on the main Edinburgh High St. aka 'Royal Mile'. The interior is covered in 50's car memorabilia and parts, mostly painted red. 50s rocknroll music could just be heard over the din from hundreds of diners. We were here in a large group and i wasnt expecting much from this tourist trap to be honest.
I ordered their £9 (ish) cheeseburger with fries. It took a while due to their being super busy and our big group. When it arrived i was initially not that disappointed. There was a little roquette on the bun base, topped with an averaged sized beef patty encased in cheddar, then some mayo, a slice of tomato and some red onions. I ditched the onions as sadly they don't agree with me when raw. I spooned in the mustard ketchup, which was the best part of the dish, and got started. The bun was actually pretty good, light, fresh and not a million miles away from a Martin's potato roll. The let down was the meat which was overcooked, under seasoned and dry. I ate the thing mainly due to hunger and greed, but i wouldn't recommend the place. The service was a little hit and miss too, but again it was ridiculously busy in there.
I have a real spoft spot for the 50s diner experience, but this place was just too touristy and noisy to make for a good experience. Perhaps on a quieter night when you could hear the rocknroll & enjoy a few drinks first, i might have enjoyed the place a little more.

The Filling Station 233-241 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1PE

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