Thursday 1 September 2011

The Rivington Grill in trendy-ass Shoreditch

This place is nice. An airy, quiet retreat away from all the hipster nonsense going on outside in Shoreditch. Ok we all enjoy the hipster nonsense, but sometimes you just need a break. Plus hipsters couldn't get into their drainpipe trousers if they ate burgers regularly, so that's most likely why its so quiet in here...Anyway, I was offered a seat at the bar while i waited for my buddies. Nicely dressed ladies sipped cocktails whilst perusing menu's, the waiters smiled a lot. So far so good. 

The guys arrived and we ordered straight off. Matt had the works, Ben had his usual bacon and cheese & i went for a cheeseburger. They all came nicely presented on wooden slabs with a steak knife tucked under the bun. Along with the burger, came with a cup of really good crunchy fries, a pot of mustard ketchup sauce and some extra burger ingredients: lettuce, tomato, red onion & gherkins. 

The patty came cooked a perfect medium rare, good on the chef who hasn't caved in to the FSA! It was well seasoned, juicy and totally delicious. The plain bun was toasted on the inside and held the burger in place real well. There was a touch more melted cheddar on the patty than i'd like, but it wasn't too overpowering in cheesy taste. 

A great burger, and a bonus to get the toptable 50% discount on the meal too. They have Bitburger lager on draft which really helped the meal down a treat. Highly recommended. Definitely deserves a place on the youngandfoodish top10.

Beef burger and chips £10.00. Extra toppings of cheese, bacon, egg £1.00 each. 
Rivington luxury burger £12.75 with all the trimmings.
Rivington Grill 28-30 Rivington St. EC2A 3DZ
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