Friday 2 September 2011

Howies, Edinburgh

Not to be confused with the eco-clothing company, this place has an unassuming entrance which leads to a multi-roomed Scottish?-themed restaurant, full of cool black and white artworks. It was lunchtime and i was starving. They had a cheeseburger on the menu so i went for it.
It came without a top bun which i thought was pushing it a bit with regard to trade descriptions, but i let it slide as my attention was taken by what looked like a 'fruits of the forest' compote on top of the exposed cheese. What's going ON here! They use half a bun and cover the thing in cooked fruit?! This is going to be interesting. I grimaced while reaching for my cutlery. In my opinion cutlery should never ever be needed when eating a burger. A burger is one of a few food stuffs that its perfectly acceptible to pick up and bite into. So i really dont understand (or trust) people who eat them with a knife and fork, gourmet burger or not. I cut off a slice and i was pretty impressed by it. The meat was cooked a little more than i'd like, but it still had a hint of rouge in the centre. The patty was sat on a bed of roquette and a little smooth Branston-like-in-taste chutney. The patty was well seasoned and contained bits of onion and other stuffs. I prefer a 100% meat patty, but on occasion some extras can be an acceptable change from the norm. I didnt order fries, but the burger came with a small salad and some tasty deep fried carrot strips. 

Too much cheddar on the patty meant for sections that hadnt fully melted, and these were left on the plate. But the fruit compote top was a surprisingly good addition, it added a real zing to the beef & cheese tastes. Not bad at all. 

Howies Victoria St. Edinburgh

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