Monday 5 September 2011

The Meateasy (Meatwagon) experience

The hype that quickly built up surrounding the Meat Wagon was pretty impressive. How a bloke essentially selling burgers from a van can create such a whirlwind of interest is quite something. He's either some kind of PR master or his burgers really are very special. 

I'd been following @themeatwagonuk on twitter for some time and on many occasions i'd try and get my lady to come along to try them, but for all my efforts, the idea of driving to a burger van in Peckham for dinner didn't fill her with enthusiasm. In fact she thought i was taking the piss to begin with. It wasn't until they setup a temporary restaurant in the upstairs of the Goldsmith Tavern pub while it was undergoing a refurb that i managed to convice her to go. My burger-fanatical cousin met us there.
The place looked empty as we walked towards it, but we found a door which led us up a gloomy staircase via some handpainted signs pointing us in the right direction. All of a sudden we were in a bustling room, jam packed full of people eagerly watching for the next free table. Bar staff were hacking at a big block of ice behind the bar and handing out margaritas in jam jars, a charming barman recommended beers from the Meantime brewery.
One of the cute burgerettes told us to take a number and try and find somewhere to sit, we couldn't so ended up standing next to a drinks table near the bar. The place was a bit too busy, too dimly lit, and service took forever, yet it still managed to be fun. 
The cheeseburger consisted of a buttered bun, toasted on the insides, roughly chopped lettuce, pickles, ketchup & mustard, a rough edged well seasoned and very juicy patty encased in sticky yellow american cheese and topped off with burger sauce. Fairly sloppy in construction, but totally delicious and a bargain at £6.50. Extras we got were huge portions of pretty good fries & really good homemade 'slaw. I wish i'd tried the onion rings and well, all of the other burgers listed on the wall.

As burgers go, it was a cracker. Classic Americana on a paper plate. The kind of burger i 
associate with cool 50s diners where teenage girls on rollerskates bring your order to your car. 
So anyway, follow the wagon & try the burger. Believe the hype, this is the real deal.

The Meateasy (Meatwagon) - The Goldsmith Tavern, 316 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AF *Now Closed*

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