Wednesday 28 September 2011

Cattlegrid, Windsor

Popped in for lunch at the 'Grid yesterday as i recently realised i'd never tried their burgers. I must have eaten around 25 steaks at CattleGrid over the years so sampling their burger was well overdue. It was a quiet Tuesday lunchtime and i enjoyed the fast and friendly service. 

The venue is spacious with the kitchen easily visible at one end. 
I'm not a massive fan of bacon in a burger, i will eat it but rarely order it as i find the salty bacon taste easily overpowers the subtler beef flavour. The three cheeseburgers on their menu that took my eye all included bacon, and seeing as i wanted to see how they do a classic burger i asked if i could have the house burger with cheese. "No problem!" i was told, "Cheddar or Brie?" I went with cheddar. The waiter didn't ask how i'd like it done, but i was happy to experience it as it comes. 
The burger was constructed as follows: Starting from the bottom we have a lightly toasted soft brown bun, mayo, dark green lettuce leaves, slice of tomato, raw red onions, the patty, melted cheddar, two slices of crunchy pickle, mayo, lightly toasted top bun. 
The patty came well done, no hint of pink in it but it was juicy, loosely formed and very tasty. Looks like they mix grated onions and possibly chives into the mince, which today was sirloin but varies. There might even have been some caramelised onions cooked into the underside of the patty, but i only noticed on the last bite so can't be sure. The bun to burger ratio was a bit off, the bun was a little too big and i ended up leaving a little of it. Overall this burger is a triumph. The pickle/cheese/beef combination was absolutely delicious. This is a nicely designed and assembled burger and a bargain for the £7.50 i was charged. 
If the patty was a little rarer (i'll just ask for medium rare next time) and the bun was 20% smaller, this burger would easily be a 9/10. Highly recommended.

Cheeseburger and a coke £9.70
Windsor Royal Station, SL4 1PJ

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